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Greek Gods of Love

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She concealed a lamp and while Eros slept she lit the lamp, revealing the identity of Eros. But a drop of hot oil spilt from the lamp awakened the god. Angered she had seen him Eros fled and the distraught Psyche roamed the earth trying in vain to find her lover. In the end Zeus took pity and reunited them, he also gave his consent for them to marry. There are variations of this legend but most have the same outcome. Eros has been depicted in art in many ways. The Romans regarded him as a symbol of life after death and decorated sarcophagi with his image. The Greeks regarded him as most beautiful and handsome, the most loved and the most loving.

They placed statues of him in gymnasiums as most athletes were thought to be beautiful.

He was depicted on every form of utensil, from drinking vessels to oil flasks, usually showing him ready to fire an arrow into the heart of an unsuspecting victim. On the contrary, it considers him to be an offspring of Nyx, the Greek goddess of night. According to the description of Aristophanes, a 4th century B. Greek playwright, the primordial divinities were Chaos, Nyx, Erebus darknessand Tartarus. Nyx, the black-winged goddess, laid an egg in the depths of darkness, and sat on it for ages together. Then, the egg hatched, and Eros love came out of it. His form was pure and beautiful, and he bore golden wings that glittered in the dark.

In the pit of the Tartarus, Eros copulated with Chaos, giving birth to all the animate beings, and bringing order and harmony to the universe. It is the attraction created by Eros, that leads to their conjugal union, and gives birth to new life and energy. Eros thus becomes the source of all creation as he makes people fall in love, and arouses in them, sexual desires. This Eros, born out of primeval energy is often referred to as the Elder Eros. Birth of Eros With respect to the birth of Eros, there are a number of theories that have been put forth. Eros thus, has no fixed parentage that has been accepted by all.

But, the common factor that appears in most of the lineages, is his association with Aphrodite in some way or the other. That also explains his association with love, a human emotion that characterizes the God. Opinions differ with regards to his parentage, and each one seems to have been grounded on a solid platform. Nevertheless, his association with love never ceases to exist. It has also been mentioned that Eros had three more brothers from the same parents. Collectively known as the Erotes, they include, apart from Eros, Anteros God of requited lovePothos God of yearningand Himeros God of uncontrollable desire.

Plato details an incident, wherein after finishing the birthday feast of Aphrodite, Porus retires to the orchard of Zeus for some nectar, and falls fast asleep. At the same time, Penia, who has come at the door of Aphrodite to beg for food, plots to have a child with Porus, and lies down beside him. From this scandalous union, she conceives Eros, who becomes the attendant and follower of Aphrodite. Sappho, the 6th century B. Alcaeus, an ancient Greek poet postulates this probable parentage of Eros in one of his poems. He says that Iris, who wore 'fair sandals', laid with 'golden-haired' Zephyros, and this union led to the birth of Eros. Olen of Lykia, the legendary early Greek poet, in one of his ancient Greek hymns to Eileithyia, says that Eros was born to her.

Eros and Psyche The tale of Eros and Psyche seems like a fairy tale, at first instance. However, only if one delves deeper into the personalities of Eros and Psyche, can he notice the inner symbolism that the myth bears. It is not a story of two individuals in love; rather it is a tale symbolizing the interconnection between love and human soul, Psyche being the Greek word for soul. Her sisters were all married with children but not her. Indeed the parents decided to do so.

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Psyche went up to the top of a mountain and then Zefyros, foc western wind, felt pity for her and took her to a green valley. Then she saw in front of her an amazing palace that only a creation of a god could have been. She stepped into the palace and she lived there. Eros had created this palace and every night he was visiting her without revealing his face. Psyche believed them so she was persuaded by her sisters to kill the dragon on his sleep.

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This night when the mysterious man fell asleep, Psyche came close to him with a candle. The light of the candle revealed the face of her lover; it was the masculine face of the god of love. He becomes more of a companion or an accomplice to his mother. This could be one possible explanation for the evolution of Eros transforming in myth art from a handsome man to a chubby mischievous child. One of the most popular myths about Eros involves his relationship with the mortal princess Psyche. However, Eros fell deeply in love with her and took her to his heavenly home. Psyche wandered the Earth, looking for her lost love and approached Aphrodite for help.

Eros was associated with athleticismwith statues erected in gymnasia[11] [ verification needed ] and "was often regarded as the protector of homosexual love between men. He was also depicted accompanied by dolphinsflutesroostersrosesand torches.

She pushed the boy away. In fact the wound was deeper than it seemed, though unperceived at first. ,ove the god roamed over the hills scourged with a greater fire. Cupid and Psyche The story of Eros and Psyche has a longstanding tradition as a folktale of the ancient Greco-Roman world long before it was committed to literature in Apuleius ' Latin novel, The Golden Ass.

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