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Chapelle Notre-Dame de la Médaille Miraculeuse

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All those who carry this will receive Grace in abundance, especially Virgih they wear the medal around their neck and say this prayer confidently, they will receive special protection from the Mother of God and abundant graces". Then it is although the whole scene turns around and Catherine Laboure can see the back of the medal: The whole is surrounded with a crown of 12 stars recalling the vision of St.

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John in the twelfth chapter of the Apocalypse or Book of Virbin. Micaculous Medal During the next year this apparition occurred znd times and each time with the same instructions: Sister Catherine endured many humiliations, but she persevered. It took two years before her confessor, Father Aladel, a Vicentian priest, had the medal struck. Because of the many answered prayers, the conversions and the cures, some 10 million medals were sold during the first 5 years. It was Pope Pius IX who made it a rule of faith. This was received with great joy by the entire Church.

Four years later, Mary came as though to confirm this, Virgin mary and 1830 She said to Bernadette at Lourdes: When her body was exhumed, after fifty-seven years of burial, it was found to be completely incorrupt and supple. Her eyes were as blue as the day she died. This occasion was witnessed by 50, people, of which there were 8, children of Mary, veiled in white, all wearing the Miraculous Medal. Here again many believers were present, including more than 10, children of Mary, veiled in white. Body Catherine Laboure Many healings, including those of people for whom there was totally no hope, were attributed to the "Miraculous Medal".

Just in the American city of Philadelphia alone, between andmore than Catherine Laboure is still lying in state at the right of the altar in the chapel Rue du Bacin Paris and she still looks as though she only died yesterday! She pointed to the foot of the altar with her left hand and said that it was there I was to open my heart, there I would receive all the consolation that I needed … There I should ask for the explanation of all things that I had seen. She explained everything to me! Mary sat with her for what seemed like an eternity. She instructed Catherine in the proper behavior of a nun. Other secrets were never revealed. God wishes to entrust a mission to you.

You will be contradicted, but do not fear. Grace will be given to help you. In your prayers inspiration will be given to you. The times are very evil. Great misfortune will come to France. There will also be victims among the clergy. The archbishop himself will die.

The cross will be insulted; blood will flow in the streets. But come to the foot of this altar. Ans, great Vjrgin will be poured upon all those who ask for them with confidence and fervor. Graces will be bestowed upon the great and the small. Mary finally broke down in tears after revealing all the misfortunes and outrages that France would suffer. All I know is that when she left she suddenly was gone in the same way that she arrived. I found myself on the steps of the altar and I saw that the child was where I had last seen him. The child was always on my left. I believe that this child was my guardian angel who had become visible to guide me to the Blessed Virgin.

Because I had prayed so hard he obtained this grace for me. He was dressed in white and was miraculously illuminated. I returned to my bed. I heard the clock sound the time; it was 2: I could not get back to sleep. The angel boy faded away as she got back into bed. She was so excited that she could not fall back asleep. The first image that the Virgin Mary wanted Catherine to remember. The revolutionary forces slaughtered priests and religious. But, as Mary had promised, no harm came to the sisters of the Rue du Bac convent.

Mary and 1830 Virgin

In the chapel, on November 27,she heard the rustling of the silk dress again. Standing right by the altar in a white robe of silk was Mary with her eyes jary upward. Father Aladel would accomplish this request Vkrgin February 2, November 27, Virgin mary and 1830 November 27,the Blessed Virgin appeared to Catherine again in the chapel. This time, it was at 5: First, Catherine saw something like two living paintings, one fading into the other, in which the Blessed Virgin stood on Virgun half-globe, her feet crushing a serpent. In this first image, the Virgin held a small golden globe topped with a cross, which she lifted up toward heaven. At that same moment St.

For those who wear it with confidence, there will be abundant graces. December In the month of Decemberduring meditation, Catherine again heard the rustling sound, this time behind the altar. The same image of the medal appeared near the tabernacle, slightly behind it. Catherine communicated the requests of the Blessed Virgin to Father Aladel, her confessor. He was not receptive to her message and forbade her to even think about it. This was a terrible blow for her. On January 30,Catherine finished her Seminary and received the habit of the Daughters of Charity. The medal In this chapel, chosen by God, the Virgin Mary came in person to reveal her identity through a little object, a medal, intended for all without distinction.

In the Council of Ephesus proclaimed the first Marian dogma: Mary is the Mother of God. Four years later inthe apparitions at Lourdes would confirm to Bernadette Soubirous this privilege of the Mother of God. With her immaculate heart, Mary is the first redeemed by the merits of Jesus Christ. She is light for our world. We are all, like her, destined for eternal happiness. Some months after the apparitions, Sister Catherine was assigned to the Hospice of Enghein in the 12th district of Paris to care for elderly men.

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