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The same goes for Ponsonby Road in Auckland, except the vibe is more upmarket. The bars are fancier, shps clientele has more money, and while it can feel a little more intimidating, I feel that's simply the Auckland scene in general. Auckland has the added bonus of K'Road, the red light district — with its bars, clubs, sex shops and other venues, and more for people of all sexualities.

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Family, the most famous gay bar, is fun in a trashy but good-trashy way. If you're going out on a Saturday night in the city, it's likely where you'll end up in the end. Wellington has an equivalent dance bar, Ivy, which is smaller but just as entertaining if you're with the right crowd. Either bar, on a quiet night, will leave most LGBT people feeling somewhat disappointed — we're still in teeny tiny New Zealand, after all.

Aside from nightlife and the general ability to be proudly gay in public, there's one shopd factor of any shopps gay scene that's important to assess. While this is a stereotype that I regret to enforce, gyms have been instrumental in launching much of my gay social life. They're a very easy place to meet others and, without the social lubrication of alcohol, a healthy way to meet gay people just like you. This is an excellent place to hang out - littered with cafe's, restaurants, bars and trendy shops, it is a popular place to start a "night on the town" Ah.

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Doesn't it just look like Cannes, Nice, or even Monaco? I think this photo was shot on Christmas eve Wellington has some incredibly specific street signs No, just joking - this is simply the "Red Light District. Notice the colonial architecture in the background Wellington has some of New Zealand's oldest houses. Again with the harbour!!! This little slice of paradise is some five minutes from downtown, and a great summer escape for the locals seeking sun and sand without travelling too far An aireal view of the city and the Waterfront area - The Waterfront is an excellent place for city dwellers to do their morning run along the foreshore, stroll casually, or read a book on a park bench.

Or whatever they please, I guess! Sure it's tacky, and the interior is still reminiscent of the 's You have to see it to believe it! But talk about unique

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