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Support groups that encourage self-help, group participation, and Adu,t action can be helpful. Post-polio syndrome PPS is a ;ps that affects polio survivors years after recovery from an initial acute attack of the poliomyelitis virus. Results published in estimated there were about 1 million polio survivors in the U. A motor unit is formed by a nerve cell or motor neuron in the spinal cord or brain stem and the muscle fibers it activates. No survey since then has addressed the question.

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A person who was more acutely affected by the polio virus and who attained a greater recovery may experience a more severe case of PPS, with Aduly loss of muscle function and more severe fatigue. The cause of PPS is unknown but experts have offered several theories to explain the phenomenon—ranging from the fatigue of overworked nerve cells to possible brain damage from a viral infection to a combination of mechanisms. The diagnosis of PPS relies nearly entirely on clinical information. Polio survivors with new symptoms resembling PPS should consider seeking treatment from a physician trained in neuromuscular disorders. Lifestyle changes, such as weight control, the use of assistive devices, and taking certain anti-inflammatory medications, may help with some of the symptoms of PPS.

Power pps Adult

Patients should also consider judicious use of exercise, preferably under the supervision of an experienced health professional. Powr may at times follow trauma, surgery, or Adutl period of inactivity, and can appear to be sudden. It is important to clearly establish the origin and potential causes for declining strength and to assess progression of weakness not explained by other health problems. A number of conditions may cause problems in persons with polio that are not due to additional loss of motor neuron function.

In an effort to compensate for the loss of these motor neurons, surviving cells sprout new nerve-end terminals and connect with other muscle fibers. Learning about PPS is important for polio survivors and their families. The polio virus attacks specific neurons in the brain stem and spinal cord.

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