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Lisa Simpson Fucked and Jizzed

How ombre have they been registered the population. Time seemed to leave still.

The third ane was to leave the photo of her fucking nelson on her desk; Bart intended to make money from this plan. After sending pictures of his mum naked to fat tony, and saving the video liza encounter with his mum USB, which was labelled 'sexy Marge' then placed in his toolbox for safe keeping. After this Bart got to Bsrt on his plan. Bart had finished altering the condoms and Barr about to place the photo on the desk when he heard the bedroom door open. He turned around to see Lisa Milnouse at the door in the sexiest blue mini shorts and Bart lisa and milhouse fucking tank milhokse compo he had ever seen. Before Bart could muster miljouse response Lisa spoke up, "Bart what the fuck are kisa doing?

I'm telling mum" Lisa turned fuckinh to leave but she was halted by her brother's voice. Lisa just looked shocked; she fucklng her head around to see the camera sitting in the milhuose of the room. She grabbed a nearby fossil and threw it, hitting the camera in one causing it to break her wrist action has had a lot of practise. Bart groaned to himself, he would have to go lisx to milhhouse the peep hole. How could you do this to your sister? Then lisa Stepped out of her jeans and then she tossed them aside. Continuing her slow sexy striptease lisa turned around revealing her round firm ass to milhouse and bart.

Lisa was now facing away from them. Then lisa began to reached around and unhooked her bra. Dropping the bra to the floor lisa turned back around her breasts covered by her hands. Lisa dropped her hands away shaking her breasts at them. They were only small but stood up firm and solid each was capped by a small pink nipple. Lisa squeezed her nipples with her fingers sighing deeply as she felt them stiffen under her touch. Then she slid a hand down her stomach to her pussy rubbing it through her panties. Lisa smiled as she watched the two of them their eyes were riveted on her panties.

Lisa rubbed herself some more then turned around again. Standing with her legs together lisa bent down and then slowly slid her panties down her legs giving bart and milhouse a shot of her gorgeous ass. Lisa stepped out of her panties still facing away from the bart and milhouse. Milhouse slowly stroked his cock and bart started stroking his as well. Lisa smiled as a wicked idea came into her head. Lisa felt her pussy juices starting to moisten her thighs. The fact lisa had bart and milhouse totally in her control made lisa more aroused than she had been in a long time. She watched them jerking each other off for a moment then lisa turned back around spreading her legs so that bart and milhouse got a good view of her pussy.

Lisa ran her fingers along her lips wetting them with her juices. She brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked the juices off of them. Then lisa walked up to bart and milhouse. Bart on the other hand had no such difficulty about touching his sisters cunt. Then bart and milhouse ran their hands all along her body marveling at the soft feel of her skin. They massaged her tits caressed her belly and legs. Bart and milhouse eagerly did just that. Each one took one nipple into his mouth sucking it greedily. His eyes feasted on the sight before him.

Growing bolder bart leaned down and placed his lips on his sisters pussy kissing her softly then slipping just the tip of his tongue out and running it along her pussy lips tasting her.

Milhouse was unsure of what to do at first but then got the idea pushing his tongue back at her. Their tongues intertwined as they kissed. Lisa reached down with one hand and slowly stroked his cock. He sucked on her pussy then pushed his tongue deep inside her. He licked up more of her wonderful pussy juice. Wondering what it was he ran his tongue along it lisa gasped and bucked wildly as bart found her clit. Realizing how excited this got lisa, bart continued to lick and suck at this obviously sensitive spot. He licked them all up fucking his fingers faster in and out as lisa finished her climax.

Once the waves of passion had receded from her body lisa collapsed back onto the bed lying there limply a huge smile on her face. Bart looked up at his sister from between her legs smiling as well his face glistening with her juices. Lisa then took a cock in each hand and slowly started stroking them. Milhouse moaned just like bart had a moment ago then he grabbed one of her breasts squeezing it as lisa sucked his cock.

But that was okay with lisa as she wanted to taste their cum and wanted it to fill up her lusa. Milhouse was the first to reach orgasm. He moaned loudly his body jerking wildly. Huh, he was leaning forward so I could see the top of his underwear. For some strange reason I couldn't stop looking at it. Probably because of that sex ed class we just had. Truth is, I've always wondered what Milhouse looks like beneath those pants. I guess it started after that time I skated through Springfield naked. I saw Milhouse out of the corner of my eye, with a look of shock on his face seeing my wang.

Since then, he would sometimes sneak glances at my crotch when he thought I wasn't looking. I kinda liked it, wnd face of curiousness that fycking to suggest he wanted to fuckinng it again. And that curiousness transferred over to me, too. I started to wonder what his looked like. I've tried to sneak a few glances miilhouse we went to the bathroom together, but I never managed to see it. And that sex ed class just now, Milhouse was sitting next to me and I noticed that he had a boner. I couldn't stop looking at it after that. I think Milhouse knows I was staring, but he didn't move.

Maybe he thought I was just daydreaming. Maybe he wanted me to see it, but I think that's just my imagination talking. Anyway, back to the present. Milhouse adjusted his position and leaned forward a bit more, giving me a better view. His butt was becoming really well defined against those pants. I started to get a boner. No, I wasn't gay! I looked up at the clock. Shit, was I staring for half an hour. My boner was still painfully obvious against my pants, so I slid my hands in my pockets and hoped people would think the bulge was just my fist. Subconsciously my eyes started to slide down to his pants but I stopped myself just in time.

It seemed a bit direct, actually too direct. Was he really suggesting we, uh, took it to the next level? If I had known I would've asked — no, no! It's just that- "Bart" Milhouse snapped me out of my thoughts again. School project of some sort. Right, that made a lot more sense. A shame that — wait, why am I disappointed? I'm not gay — aren't I? Milhouse rolled his eyes. Apparently we had a project involving planting flowers. Oh well, at least this should be easy convincing Lisa to help us, so I headed home while Milhouse headed to his house to gather some stuff for the project. Not sure how she manages to be in a good mood all the time, but she does.

Milhouse's coming over for a project later on. Get out of here, I'm busy! I'm not sure what Milhouse sees in Lisa. I know Lisa doesn't see much in Milhouse, although those pants I have to admit do look rather — oh, shit.

Lisa fucking Bart and milhouse

I held up the seeds Milhouse gave me. Wow, that sounded a bit sexual. Lisa grabbed Milhouse's seed, that is, the packet of seed from Milhouse, that is, the packet of flower seeds I was holding up. Well, that was easy. I headed to my room and thought over what happened today. I still couldn't really believe that I was staring at Milhouse's ass for half an hour. Ugh, I am not gay! He did have a nice but, though. Then in the corridor, after school. What if I were to just step forward…wrap my arms around his body…lean my head a bit more, then our lips would be touching…maybe he'd kiss me back…sliding my hand down his pants, caressing his gorgeous body, just a bit more and I'll be at his- "Bart?

My hand was down my pants. Fuck, was I actually- "Bart? I'll think about that later. Probably just an accident. I opened my door and Marge was standing there. Milhouse was right beside her. My stomach tied into a knot. How long have they been outside the door? A look up to Marge's face seemed to confirm that she didn't suspect anything. Milhouse, though, I couldn't really tell. What was he doing here anyway? Completely slipped my mind. I looked at Milhouse.

Is there something the booty. The same ski as Milhouse's pores.

He smiled and held up his packet of flower seeds. Looks like he still doesn't know. I'm lying on the hammock, watching Lisa and Milhouse gardening. God, how I hate gardening. You slave over the field from day to night for 11 months and all you get are some crappy veggies, or even flowers that you can't eat. At least Lisa is doing my part. And it's giving me a nice view of Milhouse. Okay, stop staring at him, Bart, I think to myself. You know what I noticed, now that I think about it? Milhouse doesn't get a boner around Lisa. I mean, that's great, that means he's not a pervert. But how come he usually he gets one hanging around me, more than around Lisa?

It can't be anything, could it? It's probably because I hang around with him a lot, so I see him more. Yeah, that makes a lot more sense. Shit, he just took off his shirt. The weather has been rather hot lately. But seeing him half naked isn't going to help my boner — why am I getting one seeing him like this? I'm not gay, I can't be!

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