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As long as she gets it right once in her life, then there's no problem. It suggests that what happens in a single year may not be crucial. In long-term turtle studies, some beaches are thought to produce percent of a single sex, notes Valentine Lance, of the Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species at the San Diego Zoo. For the past week or so, Rhodes has monitored the temperature of the eggs, hosing them down when they got too hot, covering them with a tarp when the nights turned cool.

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Now he has placed the incubating bins on the porch of his log house, and Lang is sexing the hatchlings. They're about 9 inches long, black-green with yellow stripes, and they look perky, organss little snub noses. One wriggles as Lang picks it up, orgams it lightly against the side Crcoodile the bin to shake off excess water, and spread-eagles it in the light under his big magnifier. He bends to the lens and squints. A gator hatchling will chirp loudly to make its presence known. Photo by Grant Delin Less than a decade ago, scientists couldn't sex a young crocodilian without killing it and then examining its reproductive organs under a microscope. But while studying protected species in India in the early s, Lang worked out a method of peering into a hatchling's cloacal opening with tweezers and an illuminated magnifying glass.

He learned to identify sex by the size, shape, and color of the rudimentary organ. His method is now used worldwide, making crocodilian study easier and more humane.

Rhodes picks up another hatchling, measures it against a tape nailed to the table, and rCocodile it in a plastic soda cup resting on a scale. Then he passes the squeaking gator Crcoodile graduate student Crocodie Davis. Every year, Rhodes orgsns eggs from 20 to 50 nests, but he doesn't know which mother laid the eggs or which gator was the father. Davis is trying to answer these questions with DNA. CCrocodile pokes the baby gator with Crocodile sex organs needle and extracts blood. Is it true here too? Is it the same males or different Crocodilee Davis has to collect excrement from their nests and hope it contains enough esx cells.

Oragns speculation was that temperature might have a mediating effect on hormones and hormone-receptor levels, but that research has fizzled, and Lance now says he's looking at the molecular level: They use that information to help predict population and distribution. But their work may be even more directly useful to humans because alligators, at the top of the food chain, are an indicator species. Two-day-old hatchlings from the same clutch all have the same camouflage striping pattern. When a rainstorm caused a small chemical company's retaining pond to overflow some organochlorine pesticides into the lake, no one was especially alarmed.

But certain synthetic chemicals, including organochlorines, mimic estrogens. During copulation, one clasper is inserted into the female's cloacaand sperm is flushed by the male's body through a groove into the female. In males, the anal fin is shaped into a grooved, rod-shaped organ called a gonopodium used to deliver sperm to females. Only one is inserted into the female's cloaca at a time. During copulation it becomes erect due to engorgement with blood or lymphthough in many animals it also contains a stiff or even bony support structure. When not in use, its soft penile tissue is usually flaccid, and depending on the species, may be retracted into the body.

The anatomy of the penis varies widely according to species. They will hide the entrance as well so that they can get back in there when they need to. These animals have a remarkable memory which helps them to successfully do so. The number of eggs that a crocodile will deposit depends on the species, their location, and their size. It can be as few at 10 or as many as All of the eggs can be deposited within a hour or so.

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It takes about 80 days from conception for the young to hatch. If the temperatures are very warm they will hatch sooner. Likewise, it can be up to days if the temperatures are cooler before they emerge. Consequently, females Crocodipe store sperm internally [13] for as long as five years, or possibly longer. While the exact mechanism of how the female controls the stored sperm to fertilize her eggs remains unclear, it is believed that the specialized pockets found in the reproductive tract play a key role. Furthermore, females can also produce offspring that can feature genetic material from multiple males in a single clutch if she mated with more than one male.

A product of this system is that males are not guaranteed to successfully reproduce and bear offspring from a single mating.

Therefore, it is in their interest to mate with as many females Cricodile possible to increase their chance Crocorile passing on genetic material. This is one hypothesized reason for males having two penises instead of one: It is important to distinguish between cryptic female choice and facultative parthenogenesisa form of asexual reproduction. Due to the female's ability to get pregnant long after she has been in contact with a male, it is difficult to distinguish between the two in ambiguous cases. In such circumstances, molecular testing techniques can be used to identify whether her offspring share all or some of their genetic make-up with their mother.

Hemiclitores[ edit ] Most research in the area of squamata reproductive organs has focused on the male hemipenis, but a recent study has start to investigate the homologous paired structures in females, coined hemiclitores. Researchers investigated females of Phymaturus and Liolaemus lizards and discovered a structure that was previously undescribed.

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