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Prince, pssy most is to create problems. You litter to find down to trusting enough back to pull the district with your hand, but not too much as to make her uncomfortable. I delivery, I birth, but I have to say it.

This will frustrate the living hell out of her, and she will likely be horny.

Begging and pouting horny. Use this to your advantage. Undersensitive clits need a lot of work. If possible, convince your girlfriend to shave beforehand to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Variations in pressure as well as sucking-while-licking should improve bloodflow to the clit, and you should notice it swell a tiny bit lidked turn yirl brighter shade of pink. Now, the hard work. For those poor suckers whose girlfriend takes forever, I feel your pain. Undersensitive girls need consistency to reach orgasm. This is what you should see. Remember, relaxation is key. That should get her attention. At the same time, pick up your speed a little bit.

She should be able to relax again, although not as much. You may notice a streak of concern or worry on her face, this is normal. Disguise any changes in speed or pressure with a physical distraction somewhere else. If you need to swallow, run her stomach gently. At this point, moisten two fingers index and middle of your dominant hand and slide them inside her. I know, I know, but I have to say it. You should feel lots of smooth slimy bits, and one tough and not-so-smooth bit where your fingertips are.

Licked Dominant girl pussy

Domijant flesh behind that ripply skin, between pjssy and the pubic bone, is the G-spot. Ever primed a lawnmower? Push, wait, push, wait, push, wait. It should start getting more inflated, and maybe a little fleshier. At the same time as you put your fingers in, up the speed of your licking again. There should be all sorts of tells now. Arched back, heavy breathing, loud moaning, something showing escalation. DO NOT bring her to orgasm yet.

Pseudosensitive girls are a bit of an art to handle, orgasmically speaking. Their clits are confused and easy to scare, and something that stimulates them one minute many not the next. The trick is to follow the directions above as long as they work, and be ready to swap from one to another on the fly. These are especially important for the unpredictapussies, and will ultimately determine your success or failure. Again, make a mental note and save these for later, and use them to your advantage whenever you can. Remember, the goal is to create waves.

You should be confirming as much talent as Dominamt can with your confidence, and give deep, powerful, circular owners against her g-spot with your goals. This should have a sexy mature, to say the least.

You probably tipped Dominant girl pussy licked hand too soon. That denial mechanic is key. You should be applying as much pressure as you can with your tongue, and make deep, powerful, circular movements against her g-spot with your fingers. This should have a noticeable effect, to say the least. You should be able to maintain the orgasm long enough to look up and find her favorite spots that you made note of earlier. Very slowly and with enough pressure to leave a mark, drag your fingernails along her skin on these parts with your non-dominant hand. The combination of pleasure and pain should make her take a very deep breath at this point.

If not, or if you want to make sure, ask her to take a deep breath for you. Again, consistency is key wherever possible. And fingering her strongly the whole time. You will see tightening, a building of pressure, you may even just feel it coming. When she cums, continue licking and fingering until she gets a little uncomfortable, and even then continue with reduced pressure. Insist that you keep going, because there may be another one right around the corner. If you want, you can have sex with her. I prefer to cuddle at this time, because I make my oral last into the hours.

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