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Album Khan is s Chinese-American lady who gets nasty to the Terrigen narrative that gives Inhumans their powers. Her backstory is that after the best things Peter on the last it does her on the woman.

He may have a gigantic chip on his shoulder thanks to being so damn intelligent, but Amadeus is also best buds with Hercules, who is usually a good judge of character. She even served on Wonder Woman's team of all-female heroes. Did we mention that she's also gay? Sounds like one intense relationship! As mentioned above, Grace was born a Asian comic book superhero female Amazon, who are distant cousins to the Themysciran Amazons but do not possess immortality. The circumstances of Grace's abandonment are still unknown, but her meta-human powers include super strength, stamina, healing, invulnerability, divine powers and longevity.

Her father David Cain, long-time member of the League of Assassins, conceived her with the purpose of creating the perfect assassin partner for himself, after forcing her mother, Sandra Wu-San, to bear his child. Sandra went on to become Lady Shiva, also one of the world's deadliest assassins, renowned for killing victims with her bare hands. Cassandra entered the DC universe in the "No Man's Land" crossover story line inwhere she saves Commissioner Gordon's life and is given the Batgirl costume with the approval of both Barbara Gordon and Batman.

Unlike many other mutant parents, Jubilee's mother and father accepted her abilities with relative ease. Unfortunately they were murdered by mobsters and Jubilee was forced to live in a shopping mall, earning spare change by demonstrating her pyrotechnic powers. First appearing in "Uncanny X-Men"Jubilee has had a long and heroic career with the X-Men and as a solo superhero. She lost her powers during the events of "M-Day," but quickly gained new ones when cursed or blessed with vampirism. Groomed to serve his father as an assassin, Shang-Chi was trained by martial arts masters from all over the world, and grew up barely knowing his father.

On his first mission, Shang-Chi was assigned to kill a wealthy Englishman, which he did, believing the man to be evil. Fortunately he soon encountered British secret agent Sir Dennis Nayland-Smith, who informed him of the truth and set him on a righteous path. In the comics, Colleen is a Japanese-American samurai, and thanks to her mind-meld with Iron Fist, boasts impressive abilities that give her superhuman advantages, including enhanced strength, accelerated healing and a high resistance to injury. She's a natural fit with her confidence, wit, and heart.

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But a TV series would be perfect to explore her history, family, and beliefs set a heartwarming coming-of-age story as a teenager. Does Marvel has the Live-Action Rights? Faiza Hussain First Appearance: Captain Britain and MI: Paul Cornell and Leonard Kirk Ethnicity: Pakistani Who is Faiza Hussain? Faiza Hussain is a Pakistani doctor with the ability to take apart living Asian comic book superhero female and put them back together. She's an accomplished doctor, but after getting hit with a Skrull weapon she develops the ability to disassemble and reassemble biological things. Super gross but cool. It's a handy power for a doctor to be able to bypass the MRI and just pull the body apart.

Can you imagine watching that on TV? Imagine if The Good Doctor had people's skin and bones flying off their bodies! It's rating gold, but you wouldn't want to watch during dinner time. Later she discovers she's worthy of wielding the mythical sword Excalibur. So you've got a modern-day Game of Thrones going on although without the Red Wedding. This woman is tough enough to fight Dracula and tell the tale. She's tough enough for a TV series. To keep the character authentic Cornell consulted with a group of Muslim women.

Plus he decided that although the character is Muslim he wouldn't introduce her religion unless most persons would do that in the same situation. So, no conversations like this: I can eat sugar. You know in my religion all fruit, vegetables and vegetable products except those mixed with alcohol are considered Halaal. That Arabic word means 'lawful', and is used as a collective word to describe the Muslim diet. So I can eat sugar. Her love and compassion are needed at this time, plus she has a power that's really valuable.

As a healer, she could help fix up Hawkeye when he gets his arms and legs broken off by the Abomination. Because we know they have the rights to Captain Britain. Kevin Feige said Captain Britain's come up a few times and told Hey U Guys "there are a lot of actors that come in and ask about that part, so we'll have to see. Force Works 6 Created by: Japanese American Who is Cybermancer? Suzi Endo aka Cybermancer is Iron Man on steroids. She's a genius at cybernetics and created her own super-powered armor. The suit is a marvel giving her enhanced strength, durability that rivals the unbreakable adamantium, speed, and flight. Her own knowledge of cybernetics gives her the ability to interface with all kinds of technology including War Machine's own cybernetic software.

Endo would make an amazing character for a TV series. Besides being an Asian American woman there's also the reality that most of the Marvel Universe is set up to face physical threats. While it would be awesome to see her beat up supervillains in her high-tech armor it could also open the door to dealing with the increasing threat of cybersecurity. Think what would happen if Thanos got his hands on a computer virus. If that isn't enough she also became infused with the Power Cosmic and became the High Evolutionary's herald named The Seeker. So it would tie into the space adventures of Guardians of the Galaxy or Agents of S.

Her first appearance is an Avenger. Force Works was formed from the remains of the West Coast Avengers. Hulk Amadeus Cho First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy 15 Created by: Greg Pak and Takeshi Miyazawa Ethnicity: It's in Cho's recent series Totally Awesome Hulk that he got mainstream attention but he's been awesome for years. The guy is an obnoxious loudmouth but he's got the skills to pay the bills. He's hacked pretty much everything in the Marvel universe. From the best way to dodge a flying hammer to using a Gameboy to hack Stark's armor.

Styled was told because Slott annoyed there aren't a lot of recovery dating Asian characters in the Most popular. Leah went on to become Very Shiva, also one of the lifelong's deadliest assassins, robotic for killing camps with her bare spots.

Marvel already has a snarky loudmouth co,ic the white savior iron Fist. They can balance the scales by taking Cho and making him a leading man. He's already shown up in a minor role. Age of Ultron Stark is helped out by a tech named Helen Cho which is the name of Amadeus' mother in the comics.

Melati Kusuma Komodo First Appearance: The Bkok 1 Created by: Dan Slott and Stefano Caselli Ethnicity: Japanese American Who is Komodo? Melati Kusuma is kind of like Wolverine with green skin. She can transform into a comid creature with an accelerated healing factor supergero razor-sharp claws. Kusuma lost both her legs in a brutal car crash. It was her own fault for going Fast and Furious down the street. But after she lost her legs she got sick of people thinking of her as "that poor girl in the wheelchair". So she went to college and got an internship with Dr. Connors who eventually became the supervillain Lizard. Connors was working on his serum to regenerate his arm using lizard juice.

Kusuma wanted to try it but Connors said it would be too reckless. So what does she do? She steals it and uses it anyway. Unlike Connors who has no control over The Lizard, Kusuma has full control and uses her mutation to become a superhero.

Komodo is not only an Asian hero but she's also disabled. Plus, this woman is hardcore and not afraid to get her hands dirty. Her rebellious nature would fit perfectly with Jessica Jones. The character owes its origins to a major Spider-Man villain. But if Marvel can make a deal for Spider-Man then they can get the rights to Komodo. On the other hand, her first appearance is an Avengers comic and that could give them the rights. This one is up-in-the-air. Cindy Moon Silk First Appearance: In Cindy Moon was introduced as Silk.

It turns out the spider that bit Parker had the munchies and chowed down on her after biting Peter. She gets similar powers as Peter except she shoots organic webbing from her hands. Silk was created because Slott noticed there aren't a lot of prominent female Asian characters in the Marvel universe. She was a genius before the bite and she's an even more amazing woman afterward. Her backstory is that after the spider bites Peter on the hand it bites her on the ankle. Unlike Peter, who knows exactly how to use his powers she accidentally webs up her parents.

She's taken in by Ezekiel Sims who trains her in her powers but then locks her in isolation for years. Moon escapes and becomes Silk. Moon became a fan favorite and had her own series for a while. She'd be awesome in her own series especially if they can find a way to include her tragic history and emotional issues from the bunker. No, but there are signs Marvel wants to borrow her from Sony. Fans are speculating that this is Cindy Moon with a modified origin. Silhouette Silhouette Chord First Appearance:

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