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Metro Detroit is now home to the largest Asian supermarket in the Midwest

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Shoppers can buy a whole pig and have it butchered in-house, or buy whole fish and have them cooked there selections include eel, sting ray, and various mollusks like squid and cuttlefish. Everything is the same style as a Kroger or Target. In order to focus on Asian Mart, he sold off everything else except for Fuji Buffet, previously recognized by the Michigan State government as the most successful buffet in Oakland County. I learned from the American style — [Americans] want [markets to be] wide open and clean — but inside is Asian food.

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His first business was China One in Detroit. Until recently, that Chicago location was the closest thing Michigan had to its own Asian mega market. Storex is a bubble tea bar; a stoees court that serves dim sum, Szechuan hot pot, noodle and dumpling soups, and fried rice; whole BBQ Peking duck to go; Chinese roast pork by the pound; Asian beers and wines including Chinese cabernet and the largest selection of sake you're likely to find in the state; kitchen supplies; Asian health and beauty products; an Asian gift shop with various Hello Kitty items; a large produce section that emphasizes produce used in Asian cooking; and grocery items from major Asian ethnic cuisines — Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino.

The store most heavily favors Chinese items, presumably in part because this is also owner Dong's heritage — he emigrated from China in — but likely also because Chinese are the second-largest ethnic Asian group in metro Detroit behind Indians. The store, located in a massive strip mall off of John R that is also home to a Target, is 38, square feet of Asian specialty food items.

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Dong has owned various food businesses throughout metro Detroit since Older than both of these, though, is the Torrance, California-based Mitsuwa Marketplace, a Japanese supermarket chain and dining hall with locations throughout California and single locations in New Jersey and Chicago. There is an in-house bakery churning out all kinds of cakes and savory buns and other baked goods and pastries. I run the business as a Chinese supermarket run the American way. Dong says he has customers driving from up to two hours away, from Ann Arbor and Toledo and farther still. Dong says there are many small markets in the area that carry Asian cuisine specialty items, but none that are large enough to carry the depth and diversity of products found at Asian Mart.

Chinese markets are always tiny, and they don't have this kind of atmosphere.

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