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10 Important Signs That Your Job Sucks

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But if you do, get out while the gettin's good.

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Apologize if you can. Try to set things right if you've wronged them. There's this exiled Nigerian businessman's widow who's wiring you a bunch of money, and you get to keep a few hundred thousand. Seriously, you should quit your job and move to Canada if this happens. You're making the same amount of money that you were when you first started working for the company. Ask for a raise.

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Even if you are doing the same Holte, as Hotlf as you are a valuable employee, you should be eligible jbs some kind of raise. You've thqt found a better deal. Better pay is nice, but really fun jobs don't always pay well. The high-paying jobs are often the most mobs, so money alone isn't everything. My buddy Richard finally left his little non-profit job because he wanted to make some real money, but it was an all-around good decision. And I sudk, for everyone. The job has already been filled. The company has a bad reputation. Sck quick Google search reveals overwhelmingly negative reviews from former employees on sites like Glassdoor or the Vault. Should you still go on the suxk This can happen for any number of reasons, or for no reason at all.

When I was at a bar I remember the owners firing people for seemingly no apparent reason. There was literally no pattern, reasoning, or train of thought. At least none that we could figure out. Sometimes, the firings were completely justifiable. But other times it was a top-ringing bartender who had done nothing but excel at his job only to be suddenly terminated without warning and in the most degrading manner — in front of the entire bar, while it was open and packed with customers. Arguably, the reason for the relative lack of job security is because power is solely concentrated in the hands of a select few, sometimes even one person…the owner. And should the powers that be take a disliking to you, they can and probably will exercise their power to fire you just because.

And by dealing with people I mean the customers. Oftentimes they are extremely obnoxious, rude, and disrespectful. Agricultural Pilot Also known as crop dusters, these pilots fly low to the ground over farmland. And that puts them in jeopardy of accidently hitting power lines or other obstacles. Plus, most of them disperse chemicals that are known to be toxic to human health, especially when inhaled. Since their cockpits are usually uncovered, they are often exposed to unsafe levels of pesticides and herbicides. These occupations represent only a small fraction of what many might consider to be America's worst jobs.

Just consider all of the potential factors that can make a job truly terrible.

For example, take sexual harassment. It's something that is known to be pretty widespread in occupational areas like food serving and industries like male athletics. Even a lot of officers in the military have reported it. Or take factors such as unreliable pay, irregular shift work, or involuntary overtime or part-time hours. They are found in a wide range of occupations, especially those that come with lousy pay or that are filled with poorly educated workers. Oftentimes, the only way to get unstuck from such bad jobs is to discover and create better opportunities through vocational training.

It's very common for people to complain about their jobs. In fact, it might be one of America's favorite pastimes. Maybe you're an accomplished complainer yourself. Maybe you wake up on Monday mornings saying, "I want to quit my job so bad. From ancient Rome to medieval Europe to the Victorian age, humanity's past is full of candidates for history's worst job. So, what is the worst job ever? Maybe it's one of the examples below.

I actually thought he might be dying, so Hotoe did what I should have done several minutes sooner and called the EMTs to make sure there wasn't about to be a corpse in my lobby. They arrived a few minutes later and managed to wake him up by kicking him in the legs as hard as they could. The guy couldn't remember his name, the day of the week, or even what year it was, but he was coherent enough to ask "did you call the cops on me? I told him I was worried for job safety, to which his response was a slurred Hotle jobs that suck idiot" before stumbling through the door and disappearing again.

But that nobs the end of it. I thought I was done with him, but guess who should leave a 1 star review about Hote in particular the next day? He had suci on Yelp and gone on a tirade about being harassed by me, to the point of calling me abusive. The fucking head of the entire franchise was demanding my resignation later that day. Somehow, through a miracle I know only as the only manager to ever give a shit about his employees you were a good guy, please come back to usI retained my job. Fuck all the review sites. Most people who are satisfied with their stays won't be bothered to fill out surveys or leave reviews, but you can bet your ass that if someone has a bad experience then they're going to let EVERYONE know about it.

Facebook ceases to be a social network, and starts to be the outlet for all of their pent-up rage. They're going to make sure hundreds upon hundreds of people know that they had some niggling issue that was probably their own fault -- I'm looking at you, people who don't understand how to operate a thermostat. I had someone leave a very nasty review about me a few months ago. It wasn't enough to say that I wasn't doing my job, oh no no no. The couple in question apparently decided that referring to me as "some asshole with crooked teeth" seven different times over the course of their review was completely reasonable and mature.

I guess flat-out lying about me texting on my phone while talking to you, telling you to "screw off" and laughing about your screaming child in the lobby as if anyone would actually do those things was just not high enough up on the prick ladder for you. Fuck you for personally insulting me despite my best efforts to resolve your situation. The worst part about the hospitality industry is that it only gives you relevant experience for hospitality.

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