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Bkt was talk of a Preacher movie for more than a decade now — Sam Mendes was one of the filmmakers attached — but it's finally burst to life on Amazon Prime with Dominic Cooper donning the cloth as the classic comic book antihero.

Sometimes smart, sometimes savage, ansty somewhere inbetween. He was shot by a sniper at the end of 's massive Nsaty War cross-over and unusually for a comic book icon, is still dead. Indestructible and inexorable — like death himself — he's so badass that he manages to kill both the Devil and — spoiler warning! Mutant with a healing factor which constantly regenerates his cancer-ridden bodyenhanced strength and agility, a variety of swords and daggers and the ability to wisecrack like no-one else.

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Someone unflappable, ice cold and possessed of extreme gravitas — we're thinking Chris Cooper or Alan Dale. Appearing as the protagonist of Brian Azzarello's Bullets, Graves offers those who have been wronged the chance for revenge without consequences, if only they're prepared to take it. A foul-mouthed tribute to, most obviously, Hunter S. Shiny red-and-gold armour mostly — he's been known to go all-grey, all-gold and red-and-silversuper-strength, supersonic flight jets, an array of incredible weapons and the recently developed ability to interface with pretty much any OS on the planet.

Nicholas Hammond played him in a late '70s TV show. His healing factor kicking in once the errant noggin was reattached.

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Ironically, he is also Parker's most frequent employer, buying pkcture freelance photographer's blurry, out of focus shots of Spider-Man in action for the front page — and paying as little as possible for them. Never a big-seller, Strange has consistently featured in outstanding comics, especially when drawn by Ditko and Gene Colan. Blessed with a fantastic supporting cast of outlandishly-named nemeses — Chairface Chippendale, take a bow — and self-involved allies, from Die Fledermaus in the comics to Batmanuel in the tragically short-lived live-action TV show, The Tick is a lovable lunk, given to overly dramatic declarations on behalf of justice. He also happens to be possessed by Genesis, the enormously powerful offspring of an angel and a demon that gives him the ability to make anyone do what he says.

Oh, and lots of evil plotting. A giant swollen green head Anikated accommodate his mighty, over-sized genetically engineered Venusian brain; a levitating chair to hump his atrophied limbs around on. A briefcase, a gun, 'untraceable' bullets and incontrovertible proof against the single person behind their woes, these are what Graves has to offer.

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