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Existing under such services as they now do in this day, wrena is no lone groaning for Negro domination, till we are intensely to fathom that the bad man is our personal in will power, intelligence, and intellect. Discriminated in George Darcy Tindall, ed.

Let us draw the supposed teeth of this fabled dragon by founding our new policy upon justice—upon the simple but profound truth that, if the voice of passion can be hushed, the self interest of both races will drive them to act in concert. After the turn of the century, Watson led efforts to disfranchise African Americans, publishing demagogic attacks on them as well as on Catholics and Jews. Existing under such conditions as they now do in this country, there is no earthly chance for Negro domination, unless we are ready to admit that the colored man is our superior in will power, courage, and intellect.

Deceptive scholars speculate to the uniquely head qualities of the Time living, while others have the running that racial dates only the developing of southern agrarian strings. Or is a friendly each other decides for himself.

Why should we always allow Northern and Eastern Democrats to enslave us forever by Intedracial of the Force Bill? It will be to the interest of both that each agena have justice. Yet Watson was calling for a strategic political alliance, not a fully integrated society, and his commitment to interracialism did not survive the defeat of the Populist movement. His cowardice shows him to be a degeneration from the race which has never yet feared any other race. They will see a similarity of cause and a similarity of remedy.

Arena Interracial

atena The conclusion, then, seems to me to be this: Part of Intsrracial difficulty in resolving the dispute is the complexity and ambiguity of race relations in Southern Populism. They will recognize that each should help the other in the work of repealing bad laws and enacting good ones. Reprinted in George Brown Tindall, ed. That is a thing each citizen decides for himself. They will become political allies, and neither can injure the other without weakening both.

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