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Banded butterflyfish

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Contrastingly, the zooplankton feeders form large conspecific groups. By night, butterflyfish hide in reef crevices and exhibit markedly different coloration.

Their coloration also makes them popular aquarium fish. Nutterfly, most species feed on coral polyps and sea anemones. Balancing the relative populations of prey and predator is complex, leading hobby aquarists to focus on the few generalists and specialist zooplankton feeders. Records of the Australian Museum 30 Butterflyfishes of the World.

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Doubleday Australia Pty Ltd pp. Pacific Science 47 2: New records of marine fishes illustrate the biogeographic importance of Christmas Island, Indian Ocean. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 54 3 Kuiter, R. Chaetodon lunulatus, a sibling species of C.

Guide to Sea Fishes strped Australia. There are more than different species of butterfly fish found distributed throughout the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceansmeaning that the butterfly fish is a salt-water species of marine fish. The average butterfly fish is fairly small and generally grows to around 4 or 5 inches in length. Some species of the butterfly fish however, are known to grow to 8 inches 20 cm long and some butterfly fish individuals have been known to grow to 30 cm in length. The butterfly fish can live for up to 10 years in a well kept aquarium but will only reach about 7 years old in the wild.

Butterfly fish is an omnivore eats both meat and plants. It eats different types of algae and seaweed, worms, small crustaceans and zooplankton.

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Butterfly fish usually swims in the shallow water up to 65 feetbecause it eats animals and algae that can be found in this section of water. Butterfly fish has a lot of predators. Large fish, sharks and eels often prey on butterfly fish. Butterfly fish are diurnal animals active during the day. Feeding Behavior Ecology Banded butterflyfishes, Chaetodon striatus, feed primarily on polychaete wormscoral polypscrustaceans and mollusk eggs, scraping off the invertebrates with their bristly teeth. Adults may form plankton -feeding aggregations of up to 20 individuals, and they occasionally clean other reef fishes which join the group, such as gruntsparrotfishes and surgeon fishes.

They are a diurnal species, active during the day and sleeping at night. At the end of the day they seeks shelter from night predators such as moray eelssharksand other larger reef fishes.

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