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Men know nothing at all about being sex objects Barbara Ellen Read more Any tipping point girlss with structural misogyny and sexual harassment has to take as its currency the first-hand experiences of women themselves rather than the interpretations of outside observers. How things are is always more important than how they look. Give these girls a voice and suddenly I don't have such an issue paddok their use. Editor's Picks F1 to stop using 'grid girls' Formula One will no longer use 'grid girls' in the build-up to Formula One races after the sport's bosses decided the practice was at odds with "modern day societal norms". I hope boxing and cycling are next to decide that women have a better place than just being a token gesture in their sports.

Sure, I get that -- but I also believe we are in an important moment in gender equality. If we continue to use these girls as mules we do them a disservice. Let them speak for the brands they represent and suddenly they become part of the marketing and PR team -- they become a valued member of the weekend. I'm sure there are women reading this who think: I recently presented and produced a show for BBC Radio 5 Live where we spent an hour debating the future of grid girls and on which the bosses of the sport said the use of grid girls was 'under strong review.

Girls Asian paddock

Were they empowered by their work? The days of it being a closed shop are over Padddock just don't see the attraction of being just a pretty girl on the grid. Maybe some days they felt content and fulfilled. When there are so many amazing women competing at the highest level and being such brilliant role models for the next generation let's celebrate them and the future and not romanticise about a bygone era which should be consigned to the history books of sport.

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