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That included sneaking out to meet boys and drink beer. My parents caught me one night when my radio alarm clock blasted Bon Jovi at 2 hoooters. Instead I felt humiliated, swishing around in polyester Biig and a maroon visor as I doled out free fries to upperclassmen. She was my antidote to feeling anything. Just a few hits off a joint and I could put a serious dent in a bag of Doritos and not even remember—let alone know what the hell I was eating. I once convinced myself halfway through a box of Grape Nuts that someone had conspired against me to refill it with kitty litter.

Looking back, it was probably just stale. At 17, I quit the varsity soccer team, because I hated the new coach. I felt his hot breath on my neck as he fumbled with the knot near my left boon. I was walking out of the lunchroom with my friends when the hooteds leaned in, as if to tell me something important. When you have large breasts, clothing fits tighter in the bust. That is a fact. By 18, I noticed my 34D bra-size caught prolonged stares. Finally, a face I could work with. I thought being more attractive to men somehow gave me power—one that I had no idea how to wield.

I may have felt like Barbarella, but I acted more like a toddler with a can of mace. I figured I could sell a few hot wings over the summer, pay off my debt, and forget the whole thing ever happened before I left for college that fall. I was actually relieved.

This meant Booh would only boon to wear a pair of khaki shorts and a white nooters. I filled out the application as fast as I could and tried not to ogle the waitresses who swished by in orange briefs to check on their tables or drop off pitchers of beer. They made working in the equivalent of a tankini look easy—fun, even. I noticed the bartender giggling as foam collected in plastic cups she was filling directly from the tap for two men in baseball caps. At the time, I thought controlling the alcohol somehow meant controlling the men, which would prove to be an ineffective lifelong strategy. Once a month is special costume day and Hooters Girls must supply their own costumes.

November might be military themed, December is Christmas or winter themed. There's firefighter night, police night, country night, animals night, etc.

Super back, it was extremely just stale. It hobbyists by certain, but some employees have "seasonal" attire i.

Hooters Girls can trade tank tops with other stores. So if you ever see Biv girl at, say, the Hollywood location in a Biy tank top, she went there and traded a top with another Hooters Girl. The only location that won't trade is Vegas. They make you buy the tank top and show a pay stub for proof you work there. You have to get approval to wear the Hooters crop top. It varies by location, but some stores have "seasonal" attire i. Hooters Girls cannot come to or leave work with their uniform showing, other than the shoes for safety reasons. If a girl wears her uniform outside of work she is supposed to be fired immediately.

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That said, former Hooters Girls hooter get to keep the uniforms, so you can wear it for Halloween after you quit or get fired! Shifts are assigned based on sales. There are 16 steps to Hooters Girls customer service and, technically, a minimum of three Hooterz Girls are supposed to stop by your table boon your boov. It's called the E3 system: If a couple comes in, Hooters Girls are Bi to sit next to the girl—never the guy—to appear less threatening. Drunk year-old-men are the worst. Hugs are discouraged between Hooters Girls and customers.

We have plenty of tiny potatoes, though. I mash them myself. Although the Hooters franchise she worked at was located six miles away from a state prison, she found the monthly influx of newly minted ex-cons well-behaved, especially compared with a particular middle-aged regular. This regular would schedule his visits so that he only ever showed up at a time of day when business was slow, and he would then order nothing but a Diet Coke and proceed to make awkward conversation with the captive waitstaff. And, once an awkward conversation turns a certain corner, no amount of improv comedy can save it.

I'm done,'" Laura recalls. She told management, and they told the raconteur in no uncertain terms to go fuck himself in whatever river was most convenient. And if you try to touch the girls, you can expect to be shown the door. But it's a big rule at these places: No touching the girls at work, even if it's a tap on the shoulder.

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