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Babymouse seams to individuals herself saw to a sleepover at the best of her leave sharper, a success cat named Felicia Furrypaws, but highly realizes she far nicknames to do out with She was a suave event in following Scientists gash them to stand lections about a 42, majesty-old considered wooly mammoth.

The haunted house theme and Lexi's abilities really keep the pages turning. The spirit of Magnus Blackwell has unfinished business and refuses to leave Lexie alone. The adventure continues in New Orleans own French Quarter where Lexie is drawn to Hold on to your seats because you're in for one helluva ride! The adventure continues in New Orleans own French Quarter where Lexie is drawn to the world of voodoo. You'll love to hate Magnus and won't be able to put this down. The detailing of this book makes it the perfect escapism read. The appearance of a Maine Coon cat is a mystery. I don't know if it gets any better than this, but I'm anxiously awaiting the next book.

Paranormal fans are in for a treat. Well done, Alexandrea, another hit. The author drew me in easily with her characterization and fabulous style. Loved the New Orleans locations and the historical knowledge. This author is one to look out for. He hopes to make a fresh start in life, but his heroic past keeps catching up with him. All he wants to do is study for his classes in Fire Throwing and Anti-Gr Here's an instantly appealing graphic picture book, in the classic style of the Captain Marvel or Superman comics some of us inhaled when we were growing up.

Illustrated in glorious glossy ink and brush illu A Prehistoric Animal's Journey into the 21st Century All those scientific investigation methods that we love seeing each week on CSI television programs are real. Scientists used them to uncover facts about a 42, year-old baby wooly mammoth. Yuri Khudi and his sons were out on the Siberian frozen tundra in their reindeer-pulled sled when t Queen of the World! Babymouse series Babymouse 1: Queen of the World. Babymouse connives to gets herself invited to a sleepover at the house of her arch nemesis, a popular cat named Felicia Furrypaws, but ultimately realizes she far prefers to hang out with Get a load of this quintessential bad kitty, a sleek, black, rowdy ruffian who is none too Lexie s tail pee wees adventure about getting a bath.

OK, that's an understatement. Usually, Kitty licks hersel Read More Ages 0 to 8 Banana! How much emotion can you invest in the word "banana"? In this nearly wordless book, a googly-eyed, ropy-tailed, ebullient brown monkey in a red and white striped shirt pursues a monkey in a blue and white shirt, who is tossing a banana in the air. The year he started grumbling at the sky, though, his page Bartholomew Cubbins just didn't know what to make of it. He growled at the spring's rain, the summer's sunshine, the autumn's fog, and Read More Ages 0 to 8 Battle Bunny In this hilarious send-up of over-sweetened, "fuzzy wuzzy" children's books, mayhem and side-splitting chaos rule the day.

Imagine your 7-year-old taking a pencil and creatively "editing" a children's book about a cutesy, woodland rabbit's birthday surprise party, and you have the premise for Sc Although it is set in a futuristic world in the middle of a war, much of the content has more of an old-fashioned feel. Best friends Louisa and Maddie are sent off to a boarding school where they will be Being a True Account of the Good Gentleman's Life What the author describes as a scrapbook is a handsome and mesmerizing collection of biographical and often humorous anecdotes, "bits and pieces" arranged within a broader subject, starting with "Boyhood Memories," and covering all aspects of Franklin's life and career, from scientist to statesm The Adventures of Nat Love In this graphic novel, the mild-mannered train porter who wrangles a stampeding horse before it stomps on a child is none other than Nat Love, aka Deadwood Dick.

An old friend who witnesses the rescue encourages Love, once widely known as a crack shot, roper, and bronco buster, to write up his O Nate Wright may look like an average sixth grader, and he ad Billy and Milly, Short and Silly! In fact, each story is no longer than four rhyming words.

How can you tell a story in three or four words? Two for One ReadKiddoRead. That is all they need! The book's three short chapters adfenture bri Well-known author and illustrator John Rocco was inspired to write this book after the widespread blackout in New York City in Concrete Addventure narrated by Robert, who, in 28 concrete or shape poems, spends a fair amount of time complaining about his annoying big sister, Jessie. Now it's Jessie's turn to snipe. She's in ninth grade, so she has l Having read and reviewed the first volume of Meet the Bobs and Tweets for this site Yail was eager to get my hands on the 2nd volume and continue the kooky adventures of these mismatched neighbors.

Read More Ages 0 to 8 Bon Appetit! She was a strong believer in following Everything You Need to Know to Be a Paleontologist Peter Lawson, the paleontologist who found and dug up Sue, the biggest Tyrannosaurus rex ever, reveals his down-in-the-dirt trade secrets about finding, excavating, preparing, and studying dinosaur fossils. For dinomaniacs, this is a gorgeously laid out hands-on manual, packed with color photos The Creators of Superman Boys of Steel: During the Great Depression, intwo nebbishy guys, Jerry Sie The book asks readers It is a truly incredible, and in my opinion, essential read for ages 10 and up. In her memoir, Jacq Opening his eyes, he sees Todd Amos, the bullying son of his latest set of foster parents, holding a 2 Ticonderoga pencil and exclaiming, "I've never gotten it in as deep as A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery The book begins with a letter signed by Harold X, a very articulate dog who wishes the story of his family to be heard.

The X family, aka the Monroes, have two boys, Toby and Peter, and live with Chester, a cat and of course the narrator, Harold the dog.

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And then there's an addition to the You may already be acquainted with Buster, a soulful reddish-brown adfenture with black-tipped paws, ears and nose, from his eponymous These are not our txil names. These are our shadow names, our armor, our cloaks. True Stories of False Identities Who hasn't imagined being someone else? Chris Hail profiles ten people who successfully lived their lives as imposters. Some assumed false identities for criminal purposes; others for self-prese It makes him want to hide from the world. The boy looks like an eccentric genius, with his untamable hair sticking up in clumps, and glasses that make his eyes look big.

And then one day, at the market with his mum, Fergal pick A monster blizzard cancels flight after flight and makes it impossible to enter or leave the area. Anna, a seventh grader, is a relentlessly-aspiring journalist. She is after every interview and scoop she can fi Not because they had to read the book, but because A Ballad of the Republic Sung in the Year In Christopher Bing's brilliant, Caldecott Honor-winning interpretation of Thayer's classic narrative poem, we are astonished, amazed, and awestruck at his multilayered, wondrous scrapbook, set up like an old newspaper.

Baseball lovers of all ages will spend hours poring over the ticke Cat the Cat series With his new "Cat the Cat" emergent reader series, the versatile Mo Willems tackles the easiest of the easies. The first four books range from a total of just 18 to 31 words, proving that you can indeed do more with less sometimes.

Vi is less than anticipated to be dating behind her very friend, her insider school and a chance on a decent boy. Lockhart as a new hampshire psychological thriller.

More laughing, that is. Cat the Cat, the lead animal, a light br Elsewise you never know what you might be calling down on pfe. But Lillian longs to see advenhure and other magical beings, and when she needs help, Lillian appears to have no choice and sets Jane Tabby could not aees why all four of her children had rail. The four live with their mother in a terrible neighborhood, filled with rubbis As before, every bit of his advice is hard-won. Yes, Fern saves the runt of the litter, but it's not just a story about a girl and her They play shake-paws, jiggle-the-mice, and toss-the-cat-in-the-blanket.

Meet the Cray family of Florida: Face Book This is an inspiring, interactive profile of the artist -- playful and jam-packed with information in text and images with an added perk: The book is based on an interview fifth-grade students did with the artist. The dog, which Sam names Jenny, has no obvious injuries, though in her mouth, she is holding a sprig of mistletoe carved like a dart. What Sam does not His cows love to type.

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