Magnet strips

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Magnet Strips

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This operation of applying the magnetic stripe to the plastic cards Magnef done off line in another area of IBM IRD and not in the secured area. Banks, insurance companies, hospitals etc. A stripe of cellophane magnetic tape is fixed to a piece of cardboard with clear adhesive tape Magnetic storage was known from World War II and computer data storage in the s. After a frustrating day in the laboratory, trying to get the right adhesive, he came home with several pieces of magnetic tape and several plastic cards. The narrow magnetic stripe in the center of the card was applied using a magnetic slurry paint. Track 3 standards were created by the thrift-savings industry.

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High-coercivity magstripes require higher amount of magnetic energy to encode, and therefore are harder to erase. Magnetic stripe coercivity[ edit ] Detailed visualization of magnetically stored information on a magnetic stripe card recorded with CMOS-MagView. Plastic card feeder station: Adding stripe issue and acceptance capabilities to available equipment. The line consisted of the following stations and operations: Magstripes following these specifications can typically be read by most point-of-sale hardware, which are simply general-purpose computers that can be programmed to perform specific tasks.

The pole length is decisive for the maximum resolution and system accuracy. Developing the manufacturing steps needed to mass-produce the large number of cards required.

Strips Magnet

Note that the narrow magnetic stripe is on the front of the card. Track 1 standards were created by the airlines industry IATA. Other members of the group were N. They also supplied the data information which was to be encoded and embossed on the cards. Their developments resulted in every person having the ability to easily carry a card that connects them directly to computers with all the ramifications thereof.

Tracks one and three are typically recorded at bits per inch 8. Here the card was automatically inserted onto the mailer. Back side of the first magnetic stripe plastic credit card Back of early magnetic striped encoded paper card.

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