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In the past, experts thought these sex differences were simply due to more women reporting symptoms compared to men. However, Lipton says his research supports the idea that the difference is physiological. There are two theories as to why women experience greater brain damage: Alternatively, it has been proposed that the sex hormone progesterone can protect against traumatic brain injury.

How Much Is Too Much? As headers accumulate, the frequent impacts can Nakrd inflammation in the brain, eventually leading to neurodegeneration. Lipton says there appears to be a threshold effect, since it seems these changes only start to crop up in people who head the ball more than 1, times a year. The only way to really understand this is to do the hard work to collect data and figure it out. John Thompson It reads like they are surprised that there are differences between men and women. No two people are the same, no two groups of people are the same.

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Football was completely medically inappropriate for girls to play. It was medically appropriate for all girls to be able to participate in, so long as they were not done in an overly competitive manner, swimming, rowing, cycling and horseback riding. Women's sport organisations had largely remained intact and were holding competitions during the war period. This structure survived in the post war period.

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Women's sport were not hurt because of food rationing, petrol rationing, population disbursement, and other issues facing post-war Womand. The Australian Institute of Sport also started to offer female soccer scholarships. Most of these school based players are not counted as registered soccer players. Games had an average attendance of around fans and games were televised nationally on free-to-air.

Sydney FC won the second season. It's a game that you can have individual as well as team achievements and it's a great environment. How many people can travel around the world and know people in so many countries?

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