Tr-4 vintage restore

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If you can restore an original part rather than using a new one, do it. The body tub was another story.

I own over 30 of these and at the point of maximum disassembly, they are all full of labeled and bagged parts. Put the notes in the zip-lock bags with the parts to which they pertain rather than in a notebook. The frame was blasted and powder coated as were the suspension components. I put every tool away every night—no matter how tired I am.

Vintage restore Tr-4

I tape a 4 x 6 card to each tub and store parts Tr--4 to their location on the car e. After six years and two frame offs and numerous other projects I have not lost a single tool. The first was an MGB. I use clear plastic tubs to store my parts while disassembling the car. Take notes when you disassemble. So is assembling the left side front suspension, and so is completing a rolling chassis, etc.

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Thirty-seven restre later I retired and began restoring British sports cars to keep busy. Time spent hunting for tools is time not spent working on your car. Work on the TR4 began in earnest in January with complete disassembly of the car. I rebuilt the engine, resealed the transmission and rear end, put in a new clutch, and installed them in the rolling chassis in preparation for installing the body. Shortly after starting the MG, I saw an ad in the local paper.

Vintge your tools organized. You have to look at it as dozens of small projects and get your feeling of accomplishment from completing each of these. Once the body was on, the project became a pure joy. The plastic tubs store neatly on shelves and you can also see what is in them.

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